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   Dee Zee Herb Solutions SDN BHD is the company which develop by DZ Tred (M) SDN BHD which located at
   Nepoh, Kedah. DZ Trade started operate at year 1997, after that DZ Trade have been transform into Healthy
   Product producer for others MLM Company until year 2006, DZ Trade developed Dee Zee Herbal Solutions to
   sell it own product.

   People feel confidence with Dee Zee Herbal Solutions because all the product is provide by DZ Trade.
   DZ Trade done it company develop programs through Halal Certificate Program, GMP (Good Manufacturing
   Practice) and Certificate from US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Now DZ Trade still in the process to
   get HAACCP recognize.

   Dee Zee Herbal Solutions in Sungai Petani is the company who operate in MLM (Multi Level Marketing), which
   also known as the company who sold product directly to customer. DZ Trade practice it herbal technology before
   any of their product be in season. And this cause it product quality to be hight.

   With the "Hight quality product with low price, give a hight pointed(PV) " concep, finally many of Business
   Partner have jointed us. Dee Zee Herbal Solutions which operate at No 136 Jalan Lagenda 4, Lagenda Heights,
   08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah already get AJL 931700 recognize. Dee Zee Herbal Solutions will continue it way
   with going ahead without turning back. It's good result in product marketing cause it to open a new office to sold
   it product.
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